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Tuesday, December 11 2018

Improved XHTML/CSS in xml-weblog-snapshot


The XHTML/CSS display code has been significantly cleaned up in the -current version of xml-weblog. Pre-CSS and older CSS clients (4.0 browsers) are now presented with a simplified version of the web page, and "modern" browsers all properly render the site (at least as far as I could test.

(Older clients load a basic CSS1 style sheet without the 2/3 column layout, and display a compatibiltiy note at the top of the page.)

Also, images have been moved out of the database (significantly faster), although the image/icon tables remain, to support image uploads. The latest version incorporating all these changes is available at

Downlevel Clients Tested

Modern Clients Tested

posted by Loki on Fri, 15 Nov 2002 14:04:49 -0600