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Tuesday, December 11 2018

xml-weblog 1.1 released!


After nearly 2 years, xml-weblog 1.1 is complete!

Although some (none, actually) of the features originally planned for version 1.1 didn't make the cut (non-admin user logon, custom views/settings for users, article submission), enough work has been done to merit a point release.

Some changes from 1.1 have already been previously announced, but the major changes can be summarized as: new object-based code structure, RSS support, and the most cool new feature, an XML-RPC interface to post/edit/delete articles using the Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs, which means you can use tools like NetNewsWire to edit your site!

You can download xml-weblog 1.1 from my ftp site, or Read More for a complete list of changes.

New in 1.1:

Planned for 1.2 (from TODO):

Finally, I'm really in need of a new logo and/or icon for xml-weblog, and also could really use a stable & secure http md5 digest authentication implementation (so I can mess with IE users ;) If anyone out there wants to take a shot at this, let me know!

posted by Loki on Sun, 11 Jul 2004 15:50:02 -0500