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the first fully buzzword-compliant weblog engine

Tuesday, December 11 2018

xml-weblog 1.0 released!


xml-weblog 1.0 is now complete, and ready for download! The source code can be downloaded below; it is covered by a four-clause BSD-style license.

Currently, there is no public CVS repository available, but I would appreciate any feedback, bug reports, corrections, etc. You can send them to me at:


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Welcome to xml-weblog!


Welcome to xml-weblog, the first fully buzzword-compliant weblog/portal engine.

All content and most configuration information is stored on the database (currently MySQL, but in the future, additional databases will be supported) back-end, with all code residing on the web server. The intermediate content layer is a PHP-generated XML page, using the built-in xml-weblog format (dtd not yet written). This intermediate format is converted into XHTML or other formats using the XSLT/PHP front-end.

This separation of content, logical presentation, and actual presentation (style) makes it easy to change the look & feel of the site or present the site in multiple styles and formatted for different display devices (i.e. mobile/AvantGo).


posted by Loki on Tue, 29 Oct 2002 11:53:00 -0600